We feel it is important to be able to offer a comprehensive range of sunglass frames that can be fit with prescription lenses in modern and contemporary shapes and sizes. Oakville Optometry has an experienced and qualified team of professionals who are experts in the field of prescription sunglasses. Our patients and customers have access to the very best and latest knowledge in the field of prescription sunglasses and will receive friendly and personalized service.

Frames for prescription sunglasses at Oakville Optometry include models from the following range: Maui Jim, Gucci, Dior, Prada, Ted Baker, Oroton, Mako, Boss, Convertibles, Ray Ban, Jag as well as many more.

It is important to understand that not all of the models in each range are able to be fitted with prescription. About half of those available in each range can be done, whilst the other half cannot. Our experts will gladly direct you to the best frame choice for your prescription lenses.

“RX-able” sunglasses are sunglass frames that can accept a prescription lens. Not all sunglass brands are designed to hold a prescription lens, and are called “non RX-able”.

Sunglass frames with an excessive wrap design can only accommodate prescription lenses up to a power of approximately +/-5.00 sphere, but it really needs to be evaluated on a ‘frame by frame’ basis. Other factors such as astigmatism, can further complicate the frame selection. Often sunglass outlets (who do not have access to trained eye care professionals) find it difficult to recommend a sunglass frame that would be suitable for fitting of prescription lenses.

It is not possible to put a prescription in sunglasses with a shield design. Some sunglass manufacturers like Maui Jim have facilities to make prescription lenses for their own frames.

At Oakville Optometry you can be assured of receiving the very best advice in the selection of your prescription sunglasses for your specific requirements.